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Construction Contractors in Southwest Florida

Turn your residential or commercial space into a practical work of art with complete construction services in Sarasota, Florida. Howell Construction is a staple in the Southwest Florida community for the commercial and residential construction work we do. Our business has thrived on the referrals from our clients, and we hope to continue that tradition for years to come. There are many reasons our clients keep us in business, but completing our projects on time and within budget is one of the best. Whether you're looking to completely renovate a room or restore a historical building in your community, Howell Construction is the company to call!

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Howell Construction Uses Builder Trend Technology

Howell Construction utilizes state of the art technology, giving our clients another reason to hire us for their construction needs. One of our favorite tools is our cloud-based software platform called “Builder Trend!”

Communication is extremely important during your construction process. Our website allows you to interact with Howell Construction seamlessly via your desk top, smart phone or tablet.

Scheduling, selections, draw requests, change order requests, progress reports, photos, daily logs and virtually all aspects of the construction process are communicated through our easy to use web based software. Our clients rave about the program and its ease of use!

To watch a video of Builder Trend showing all the wonderful features simply click this link

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